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Oil Fired Servicing

All oil boilers require a full service every 12 months and every 6 months for some cookers especially vaporising appliances like AGA and Rayburn cooker’s in order to maintain optimum efficiency.

During an annual service of oil fired boilers, the combustion chambers are checked and cleaned and Baffles/retarders inspected for any heat erosion and signs that inner parts may need replacing. Baffles are there for a purpose holding heat to maintain high efficiency to the boiler combustion. Sulphur deposits are removed so the gases flow through correctly to the flue termination and are not being held back which could damage the Baffles and will then need replacing.

The service includes replacing the nozzle on the burner and the fuel line filter. Any oil flexible hoses are examined and/or replaced. By not changing the nozzle and fuel filter can result in ‘sooting’ which can reduce the boiler efficiency. Manufactures’ oil pump pressure setting to nozzle sizing is critical, again if incorrect can cause excessive burning of fuel and the oil boiler ‘sooting’.

Combustion air is very important issue, if reduced can cause boiler to soot and high poisonous gases. Permanent ventilation where applicable should be checked and cleaned: Animal fur/hairs and leaves and also people covering up what seems to be a drafty hole.

We also check and test the Fire valve activation temperature which would shut off the oil supply to the appliance should there be a fire or excessive heat.

The Photocell operation to the burner is tested and replaced when necessary if it fails to lockout the boiler in an emergency.

Safety of the oil boiler is paramount, so when the  engineer calls to service your appliance he will provide you with a  Service  report sheet and a computerised analysis print out and will highlight anything that does not meet the regulations and advise you of any changes required to ensure the safety of the appliance and/or storage tank.

oil tankOil Tank Survey

Oil storage tanks situated within gardens and tank rooms should be checked visually for any signs of deterioration, leakage and apparatus installed will be tested to check inner skin failure of Bunded tanks.

Metal tanks can rust and should be checked regularly and coated with bitumen paint to protect from weather conditions.

Plastic tanks can split: an examination can show hairline cracks that may only be visible in dry weather conditions.

Tank fittings and connections filling entry points and vents should be inspected and any vegetation removed. Anything that is left open to the elements can allow rainwater to within storage tank, water being heavier than Kerosene will slowly fill the tank from the bottom causing oil lines and filters to be subjected to water and sub zero conditions will freeze and stop fuel flow to the appliances and can cause oil pump failure which could result in needing a replacement.

Oil storage tanks should be installed on a solid concrete base being of 300mm larger than the footprint of the tank.

If oil tanks are not installed correctly the weight distribution could cause the tank to leak un-noticed.

For more information or to book your oil tank survey please email or call us on:

Mobile: 07719635442


Oil Boiler Installation Check

We can set up oil fired boilers providing the following meets the criteria:

The installation is surveyed and accepted by the Commissioning Technician to continue.

  • Non –registered Technicians’ – can supply documentation with building control number to meet with the installation works at the premises in question.
  • Registered Installers documentation – CD10 oil Firing Installation Completion Report with OFTEC registration numbers.

We will then service the appliance and provide you with a completed  Oil Firing Servicing  report.

For further information and/or to discuss please contact us:

Mobile: 07719 635442

Tele: 01793 486463


flueLandlord Safety Check

There is no legal requirement in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland for a landlord to obtain a landlord safety certificate for oil fired equipment installed within a let property. However, BS 5410 states.

Part 1 requires oil fired appliances and equipment to be serviced periodically in accordance with the manufactures instructions which would have a  service & commissioning report that would highlight any contraventions/defects that need to be rectified. Oil storage tanks and oil supply pipe work should be checked for general condition and any leaks repaired.

At the request of  letting agents, and landlords,  Landlord Oil Installation Check form where there is a need to verify an installations compliance with the Building Regulations, health & safety and efficiency regulatory requirements.   Service and Commissioning Technicians are the only persons that can obtain a  Landlord Oil Installation Check form,  to allow a copy to be retained by the  letting agent/landlord

In the interest of Health & Safety for the protection of Tenants it is advisable to have some form of Carbon Monoxide detector that is regularly checked and batteries changed on a yearly base, to protect them from any Carbon Monoxide poisoning where an appliance flue/emission failure may have taken place.

Remember Carbon Monoxide is odourless, colourless, tasteless and therefore difficult to detect.

Some symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include:

For further information please contact us to discuss:

Oil Fire Valve Protection

We have come across a lot of appliances that do not have a Fire valve protection installed. These are generally of a 65 degree C or 90 degree C acting device to manufactures installation instructions. A sensing phial is protecting the appliance and should any untoward circumstances with heat rise it will then safely shut the external valve to stop any flow of oil to within the dwelling from the outside.

On vaporising oil fired appliances it requires 2 fire valves acting devices, one shuts from outside and the other, from the inside of the dwelling. The sensing phials cover the internal of the appliance and the other covering the metering float control.

The valve will remain in the shut-off condition until the appropriate action has been taken to restore normal operating conditions and the reset button has been pressed.

These fire valves need to be tested periodically, when an oil fired boiler or Cooker is serviced.


Our Service van is stocked for breakdowns on oil fired boilers and cookers to ensure that most problems will be solved on site and on the day.

However, there will be times when we will need to order new replacement parts, eg. Baffle/retarders, Heat exchangers and delicate electrical thermostats. You will of course be notified at the time.

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